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Mushroom and red wine shepherd’s pie

We’ve tried a good few recipes for shepherd’s pies and like this one the most. It took a few tweaks though. It’s got a good mix of savoury flavours in it – yeast extract, soya sauce, liquid smoke and wine. … Continue reading

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Vegan Chinese recipes – dumplings (pot stickers)

We had fun making these little dumplings which are lightly fried and then finished off by steaming. The wrappers around the outside are wafer thin and shiitake mushrooms give the filling a nice bite. This is the second in our … Continue reading

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Fairfoods Review 2013

Some Fairfoods Morsels from 2013 Changes were afoot this year at Fairfoods, because it was the first full year we’ve done without making mail order cakes for Blue Lotus Cakes (which is no longer in operation). We loved working with … Continue reading

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Two dips from our buffets: black olive and spicy peanut

We made two of our favourite dips today and wanted to share them with you. The black olive dip is whizzed up in a food processor and the garlic, black pepper and herbs make it rich and zingy. The spicy … Continue reading

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Vegan Trifle

At first glance this looks complicated but each step is quite simple. And if you have some cake ready to pull out of the freezer you can save time. Prepare in advance to give the jelly time to set and … Continue reading

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Roast hazelnut, sheese and cashew roast

This is our wheat-based nut roast. It has a few steps to it – toasted hazelnuts, charred pepper etc. – but they really add to the flavour. However if you want a quicker recipe, try our creamy cashew roast. It’s … Continue reading

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Vegan Chocolate Bounty

Use your favourite chocolate for this. Ingredients 16 standard greaseproof cupcake cases with roughly a 4.5cm diameter base 60g creamed coconut (the coconut in a block) 75ml soya cream 35ml golden syrup 150g desiccated coconut 300g vegan milk chocolate – … Continue reading

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