Fairfoods’ blog is a site dedicated to providing:

  •  Delicious vegan recipes that are easy to follow. Most are recipes we use at Fairfoods, in our catering service.
  • Tips and inside information from the Fairfoods’ kitchen, to give you an insight into vegan catering for large numbers.
  • Information and updates on what we are up to at Fairfoods.

We love receiving your feedback and if you try a recipe, please tell us how you get on, in the comments at the end of that particular recipe.

About Fairfoods

Fairfoods provides catering for all types of events: fairs, festivals, weddings, pop up café, community events, fund-raisers and more.

  1. Our food is always animal-free (vegan)
  2. We always aim for our food to be delicious (if you ever find it isn’t – please tell us!)
  3. We like our food to be affordable, but once in a while go for the gourmet angle and that usually means a bit more expensive

Fairfoods is located in Devon, UK and cover the south west and beyond.

At Fairfoods we are cooks, menu planners and love creating new dishes… but at the heart of everything we do is the wish to advocate for animals. That gives us a huge amount of motivation to always strive for perfection. We aim for our food to be enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores, in fact, by everyone.

We have a wide choice of foods including chunky vegan quiche, moreish pastries, creamy nut roast, light buffet bites, healthy salads, slabs of cake, cute cupcakes and melt-in-the mouth cheezecake. We have gluten-free and raw choices.

We also want to inspire people to make vegan food and are happy to share any of our recipes, many of which you’ll find on this blog.

About Us

Clare and Paul (co-founders of Fairfoods) went vegan for the animals. As well as promoting veganism through Fairfoods, we take part in various vegan outreach events and have fund-raised for animal sanctuaries and campaigns against the badger cull.

Clare trained in vegetarian catering back in the 80s and after a long break from it – most of which was spent campaigning for animal rights – began doing a small amount of food making for free vegan food fairs and other vegan food giveaways. In 2004 she helped set up Pogo Café in London and from this was inspired to set up Fairfoods with Paul. Running Fairfoods is an amazing learning curve: hard work with equal amounts of challenges and awesomeness, and we love it.

Read an interview with Clare here.


If you would like to keep in touch with what we are doing, join our mailing list
Check out our main website here: www.fairfoods.org.uk

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  1. I so wish you guys were closer to me!!! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get to the UK one of these days. Celeste 🙂

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