A vegan wedding menu with Middle Eastern flavours

2017 was our busiest year for weddings so far and this is one of the menus we served. It had a Middle Eastern theme.

vegan frittata


Falafel with tomato chilli sauce
Fatayer (cheese and spinach parcels)

Fatayer - vegan


Tagine with harissa and preserved lemon
Wraps with roast veg
Tapenade mini-quiches

Wraps with hummus and roast veg - vegan


Baba ganoush (smoky aubergine dip)
Focaccia bread

Focaccia - vegan


Potato salad w/ spring onion, dill and mayo
Med salad w/ charred peppers, courgettes and tomatoes
Marinated olives

Thanks so much to James for the feedback:

“Clare and the team did catering for our wedding lunch and it was absolutely fantastic! The food was delicious, and got loads of great comments from our guests (most of whom weren’t vegetarian or vegan). They also did a very professional job, and made things really simple and easy for us. Thank you!”

See more testimonials and wedding info on our main website

About Fairfoods

Vegan catering in the south west, UK. Main web: fairfoods.org.uk
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