Use our content

This is our copyright statement and applies to content produced by Fairfoods. It includes content on and

  • You are free to share – to copy, distribute and transmit the content.

  • You are free to remix – to adapt the content (but please keep it vegan!)

  • Credit is not required, but is appreciated. And ideally, a link back to the original.

Please note.
Content means photos as well as written word.

In the future we are going to produce some booklets for sale. These may or may not have some copyright conditions. You’ll find it stated on the booklets in question, as and when they are released.

We have written these guidelines to encourage the free sharing of information and to spread the vegan message.

If you want recipes for any of the food that we provide via Fairfoods, please get in touch. If there is a written recipe, we’re more than happy to email it to you. If we don’t have a written recipe, we can still give you a rough idea how it’s made.


About Fairfoods

Vegan catering in the south west, UK. Main web:
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