New Sample Menus

We have updated all our sample menus and moved them to the Fairfoods main website, please see the links below…


Buffets work well at birthday celebrations, weddings, meetings and similar events. These samples include finger buffets, fork buffets, office lunch buffets.

Gluten free
This sample menu features a gluten-free buffet for 20 people with desserts and birthday cake.

Will you choose yummy pancakes, a healthy uplifting smoothie or full breakfast? We can serve breakfast at any event where there are suitable catering facilities.

Dinner Party
If you want to throw a dinner party without having to stress over the food, take a look at these three sample menus with three courses per menu.

Outside Event
This menu comes from an event where we provided 3 meals a day for 60 people for a whole week. It was hard work, but we loved (nearly) every minute.

We love cake, be it naughty-but-nice or one of our yummy sugar-free, gluten-free or high-raw desserts.

If you are on a budget, check out these menus. They all come to £4 a head, excluding delivery.

About Fairfoods

Vegan catering in the south west, UK. Main web:
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