Vegan Outreach Stall in Exeter

Saturday 24 September 2011 saw Fairfoods teaming up with local campaigners from BARC and EFFA to hold a vegan outreach stall in Exeter.

vegan outreach stall in exeter

There was an amazing response from the public, with hundreds of  vegan food samples, recipe leaflets and information about going vegan being given out. The stall was busy pretty much all day with interested passers-by.

Food included vegan scotch eggs, pizza, mini-quiches, pasties, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cake and chocolate cake. A recipe sheet was given out with all the recipes on it, you can download it here.

vegan scotch eggs

vegan lemon cake

We also gave out information from Animal Aid, The Vegan Society and Viva! If you want to go vegan, why not check out the vegan pledge by The Vegan Society?

vegan recipe sheet of recipes given out on the day

Download the recipes given out on the day by clicking on the recipe sheet



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