Cow’s Milk – Leave It Out! Part 2

There are many alternatives to cow’s milk – experiment with some of the ideas below.

The Other Milks

Soya, rice, oat and almond milk, to name the main non-dairy milks, are available from the following shops:

  • Health food shops – stock a wide selection of vegan milks;
  • Supermarkets – stock soya milk and some stock rice and oat milk;
  • Corner shops – these often stock soya milk;
  • Your kitchen – make your own!
    • Soya milk – the following websites have soya milk makers – Energise for Life and UK Juicers.
    • Banana soya shake – place one banana and 1/4 carton (125 ml) of soya dessert in a jug and make up to 3/4 pint (430 ml) with soya milk. Whizz with a hand blender and serve.
    • Mango soya shake – place six dessertspoons of mango puree in a jug and make up to 3/4 pint (430 ml) with soya milk. Whizz with a hand blender and serve.

The Taste Test

We tasted and marked some non-dairy milks out of ten…

  • Hazelnut and Almond Rice Dream: 10
    This stuff is gorgeous, lovely in cereals or to drink on its own.
  • Vanilla Rice Dream: 10
    Again, lovely in cereals or to drink on its own.
  • Plamil organic soya milk: 10
    Plamil got top marks before we even tried their milk because they are a 100% vegan company. Their organic soya milk is not sweetened so may not – however – be the best one to start off with. When switching over from cow’s milk people tend to find that sweetened soya milk is more palatable than unsweetened.
  • Alpro sweetened soya milk: 9
    Usually does not curdle in coffee so is good in drinks and the taste is not too overpowering.
  • Tesco soya milk: 9
  • Similar taste to Alpro.
  • Marks and Spencer soya milk: 9
    This has a hint of vanilla which is lovely in hot drinks.
  • Ecomil almond milk: 7
    One that you will love or hate, depending on your liking of the sweet almond flavour.
  • Sunrise soya milk: 5
    Watery and not many good points about this one.

Curdled Coffee

Coffee sometimes likes to curdle when served with soya milk. All of the following help to stop it from doing so…

  • Use more soya milk than you would have done cows’ milk.
  • Make the coffee weaker.
  • Use a soya milk that contains a higher percentage of soya.
  • Heat the soya milk and allow the coffee to cool slightly before adding the milk.
  • Pour a lot of milk in quickly, stirring all the time.
  • Give up on coffee and drink tea or barleycup instead.
  • Use a vegan coffee creamer (see the next section).

Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer is a great way to get smooth tasting, non-curdled coffee. You can order vegan coffee creamer online at Vegan Store. Soyatoo coffee creamer is also available in some health food stores.

Got Calcium?

Find plenty of non-dairy sources on the Vegan Society website.

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