Taunton Vegan Food Fair 10.4.2010 – report

We now have a report available about Taunton Vegan Food Fair, which was jointly organised with Green Garden Cafe, and you can download it here:

You can also download the sheet we gave out on the day, which contains lots of the recipes used, local vegan information relating to Taunton and other vegan info.

Here are some of our favourite extracts from the report, which are comments from visitors:

‘The food was lovely, please do this again, this is a great way to promote veg*n eating. Info was useful and everyone was very friendly. It was brilliant-thank you for all your hard work and the free food’

‘An excellent event-very informative, lovely people. Really enjoyed sampling different foods and felt very inspired to go home and cook. More events like this please’

‘A fantastic day, great to try so many different things and to see the vast array of what is available. Not many excuses left for me now’

“It was brilliant … we came away with tons of free stuff, recipes, info and ideas …. as a direct result we have both decided it’s about time we became vegan ourselves !!’

About Fairfoods

Vegan catering in the south west, UK. Main web: fairfoods.org.uk
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