Vegan Wedding Food

Five weddings, five menus and five testimonials

We’ve been busy with weddings this summer.. The menus of some of these are shared below, together with the feedback received. We appreciate the feedback and it helps make it all worthwhile.

Wedding buffet for 120 people with hot and cold food

vegan buffet - wraps Continue reading

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Cream of tomato soup (vegan)

vegan cream of tomato soup

Creaminess is the key with this soup, so it has three ingredients to make it creamy: cashew nuts, potato and coconut cream. They all add to the flavour too – not in a dominating way – just enough to make it extra tasty. Continue reading

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Mushroom and red wine shepherd’s pie


For me shepherd’s pie is comfort food, a big hearty dollop on a plate that tastes so good  it’s the only thing on the plate that you’re really interested in.

I’ve tried a good few recipes for shepherd’s pies and like this one the most. It took a few tweaks though. It’s got all my favourite savoury flavours in it – yeast extract, soya sauce, liquid smoke and wine. And see what you think of the mix of green lentils and tvp, for me, the combination gives an ideal texture.

I finish it off with mustard mash, and it’s always tempting to have a few mouthfuls before it goes in the oven. But I wait, because once it goes crispy in the oven it’s perfect. Continue reading

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Asparagus and vegan cream cheese on crostini

Want a quick and easy nibble to offer at a party? Try this.

asparagus on crostini, vegan

Bread stick/s (see Notes)
Olive oil
Vegan cream cheese (see Notes)
Spring onions, finely chopped
Asparagus, lightly steamed Continue reading

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Vegan Chinese recipes – broccoli and cashews in black bean sauce

If you haven’t used fermented black beans before, this sauce gives a quick and tasty introduction. Fermentation completely transforms black beans and you don’t need to use many to add their delicious, intense flavour to a dish. It is hard to describe their unique taste, they are very savoury, slightly bitter, rich and musky.

fermented black beans

Fermented black beans

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Vegan Chinese recipes – sweet and sour

This recipe is a firm favourite.

As well as the taste, it is easy to make and all the ingredients easy to obtain. To make it even quicker, or if you like cashews, omit the tofu and replace with cashew nuts. Add them when you add the red pepper to the pan.

Two ingredients usually used in sweet and sour are sugar (sweet) and vinegar (sour), but both are a bit harsh. So in this recipe we cut back on vinegar and add in tomatoes to enhance the sour element. Fresh or tinned tomatoes work well.  For the sweet element use agave nectar or Sweet Freedom, they are more mellow. And of course pineapple: hot pineapple tastes so good, avoid tinned and use fresh pineapple if you can. Continue reading

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Vegan Chinese recipes – dumplings (pot stickers)

We had fun making these little dumplings which are lightly fried and then finished off by steaming. The wrappers around the outside are wafer thin and shiitake mushrooms give the filling a nice bite.

This is the second in our series of vegan Chinese recipes. Next recipe to come is sweet and sour tofu and veg.

Pot stickers with dipping sauce, vegan

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