New Dishes from Fairfoods

We have added some new dishes to our menu… for buffets, outside events, parties, meetings and any other occasion where you might need some yummy food…

fairfoods stall

Leek and broccoli croustade
A crusty nut and breadcrumb base with creamy leek and broccoli topping.

Potato, onion and vegan cheese pie
This is an open pie, based on Crank’s homity pie.

Tofu burger
Our yummy homemade burger which we can supply to you freshly made or frozen.

Massaged kale salad
Kale softened with avocado, olive oil and lemon juice, and tomato added. This is definitely my favourite salad at the moment and I’m aiming to post the recipe soon so watch this space.

salads including pink coleslaw and puy lentil

Pink Coleslaw

Puy lentil salad
Roasted courgette, red peppers and red onion are added to marinated roast tofu and puy lentils.

Chocolate orange cake/maya gold cake cupcakes (gf option)
A sneak preview, not listed yet but we also have chocolate orange cake available, made with juicy organic oranges, filled and topped with creamy chocolate icing. The maya gold cake is also orangey with hints of vanilla, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is filled with creamy vanilla icing and topped with rich dark chocolate icing.

vegan chocolate orange cupcake

Check out Fairfoods’ main menu

Check out Fairfoods’ raw menu

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